A Tarantino Classic in Theaters, 25 Years Later

Pablo Coronel

September 13, 2019

Photos by Pablo Coronel

Warning: Movie Spoilers ahead.

Going to NYC on the weekends is always a treat for me, and a few weekends ago, on August 17th, it was extra sweet knowing that one of the greatest movies of all time was coming back to theaters one last time.

Pulp Fiction, directed by the celebrated Quentin Tarantino, grows exponentially in popularity with every year that passes. I was lucky enough to snag tickets for the AMC Empire Theatre in the heart of Times Square. I decided to head to the theatre alone, eager to enjoy the experience to the fullest one last time. As I am a member of the A-List Service that AMC offers to avid moviegoers I free bag of popcorn for my birthday and a large free soda.

Watching the film itself was fantastic, I really felt I was watching the film for the first time all over again; I noticed sounds and background noise that I didn’t before and took extra care in noticing the details of the cinematography done by Andrzej Sekuła. The impact of long pauses were more powerful on the big screen, especially when Vincent stabs Mia to bring her back to life. I felt as though I belonged to the coolest community in the city, where people laughed and clapped all in sync. By the time I got out of the theatre it was already dark, but the AMC sign was so vibrant with its deep red letters it made me appreciate the moment more. Overall the experience was something that I never thought I would be able to be part of; and to have it happen in such a perfect way really made the trip worthwhile! If you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t worry; I’ll see you at the 50th year anniversary.