Yet ANOTHER F*cking Smorgasburg Article

20XX Team

April 12, 2024

Your favorite local NYC culture magazine went to Smorgasburg opening weekend so you didn’t have to. First off, you’re welcome, no, seriously. It was PACKED like sardines at the Williamsburg location, but we got to try a load of different eats, some hot, some not so much. We here at 20XX are going to let you know what’s up so that you can feel encouraged to give Smorgasburg a go yourself.

photo by Hunter Frederick

Opening day (and all the subsequent days) at the Williamsburg festival location was held at Marsha P Johnson State Park. The park itself is pretty large, with lots of space for walking around and chilling in some grass, with a picturesque view of the Manhattan skyline. The festival however was only contained in one smaller section of the park, which we're sure makes it easier to clean, but a headache to navigate through when crowded (and it WILL get crowded).

We hit the spot with two long time homies of the magazine, Yung Haq, a rapper and producer from East Harlem, and Count Draco, rapper, producer, and photographer extraordinaire from Brooklyn. They tagged along to help us eat, and gave their thoughts about the foods they had too. The extra hands (and mouths and stomachs) allowed us to get multiple different taste opinions on the food there. 

We ate lots of things we loved, and some we didn’t like as much. Peep below what we though

Vaquero: Elote with everything

Matthew: 4.5⭐

This was FANTASTIC. Don’t judge me, this was my first Elote, and I grabbed one simply because of that fact. Surely Vaquero would be putting their best foot forward since it’s Smorgasburg right? RIGHT. This did not disappoint, a nice mixture of savory flavors with notes of sweet. 


Common Meadows Creamery: Watermelon and Fig Gelato

Yung Haq 4.7⭐ (Watermelon)

Matthew 4⭐ (Fig)

I had the fig flavored gelato, and it was verrrrry tasty. It had a nice creamy consistency, and it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet. 

MaoBao: Bao Buns

Yung Haq 3.5 ⭐

Matthew: 3 ⭐ 

It was good for having something to eat, but it didn’t go much farther than that for me. It wasn’t bad at all though, I think my fave was the Pork flavor. 

Dough: Hibiscus & Glazed Donuts

Matthew 5⭐ (Hibiscus)

I had the hibiscus flavor and it was probably one of the best baked sweets I’ve ever had in my entire life. The flavor comes back with EVERY, SINGLE, CHEW, in full force. And you’d think it’s an overpowering super sweetness, but it’s just the right amount, and not too sweet.

Yung Haq 4.5⭐ (Hibiscus)

The Good Batch: Ice Cream Sandwich

Hunter 5⭐

A whole year later and it still bangs.So good!

The Little Sicilian: Arancini Sampler

Matthew 3⭐

So this was my first time having Arancini actually. It’s very doughy and cheesy, I think the flavor I had was The Classico, which was a mix of different, very tasty cheeses. If I had to describe this in a way for someone who’s never had it before, think fried baked mac n cheese.

Yung Haq 2.5⭐

Raclette Street: Alpine Cheeseteak

Count Draco 4⭐

You don’t really taste the cheese, I think it’s pretty good actually.

Yung Haq 2⭐

Matthew 3.75⭐

Now this was a leap of faith. I literally said “this sh*t smells so bad I’m getting a headache” as I waited in line for this cheesesteak, the smell of the musty Raclette cheese wafting into my nose. The sandwich was pretty tasty I’d say, and the cheese’s taste is nowhere near as oppressive as its smell. I think the cheese helped to bring it all together.

Definitely take some time to go to Smorgasburg with a friend or two this weekend, or any weekend up until October. There’s a lot to see and a lot to eat, and the festival is an excellent way to connect New Yorkers to local eateries in their city! Also, definitely bring $$$, the food aint really cheap (the cheapest thing in this article was the Elote for $7, the most expensive, the Cheesesteak for $19), and neither is the flavor.

photos by Serena Castillo